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Wolf Poetry


Welcome to Wolf Poetry

This is an online Poetry Club operated out of Nottingham, UK and it's open to poets writing in the English language from anywhere in the world. It's free to join and use.

Wolf Poetry Group at the Atrium

The project ties in with the exhibition space that I manage at the Atrium. There is an exhibition space at the venue dedicated to this club and your poetry which, if selected, will form part of a rolling exhibition alongside other forms of art.

Exhibitions at The Atrium


Personal Security
If you are concerned about personal security at all - please use a 'pen name' that's very different from your real name and set up a free hotmail (or other account) for that name and then submit your poetry.


Rules of the club:
Anyone using inappropriate language or behaviour on the club's pages/forum will be barred without notice.

Please support the project back by 'Liking' the page and sharing posts! https://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer.


Your IP rights:
By submitting your poetry you are giving me permission to display your poetry at The Atrium and online. The copyright belongs to you. I may decide to post your poem to the 'Wolf Photography' Facebook page (as the whole project is a part of this company's work) - but you will be credited as the author with a copyright notice.


The format is your text only as we don't have time to retype your poem - we simply copy, paste and format your words for printing and display it. Your poem must fit on 1 page of A4 - there are more details about the formatting on the submission page. Please read it carefully before you submit your poem.


I hope that you will take part and help this club and forum grow through regular attendance and input.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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Alternatively, you can submit via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WPICC/


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